Sun Catcher Craft For Kids

Your children will enjoy a world by decorating windows and doors and all you can afford to decorate with their colorful autumn foliage. My children are just the right age to start using iron, but if you think it can be dangerous and are not sure how to use a hot tool, ask a responsible adult to do so. Children will think you are the best!

Now you can cut your wax paper into the desired shape and using the washi tape on each side, create a frame. Repeat until the entire wax paper is covered. So, once the sheet is folded, you will have a whole butterfly with exactly two halves. Do not worry about the paper going through the black lines, you’ll cut yourself when you’re done. You will need a clear contact card.

You would like the clover shape with a hole in the center. Use pencil shavings and greaseproof paper to produce suncatchers in any form you can imagine. Once you have decided on the last shape and size you want for your Suncatcher mosaic, you will need to cut two sheets of contact paper large enough to fit your design with some overlap.


Another Picture of sun catcher craft for kids:





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